List of ferns to be seen in the garden at the Fern Nursery, and fern pictures.

Please feel free to print or use, any of the pictures of ferns on this page. And if you like, let me know what you do with them. Please note that more and often better pictures can be found via the links on the On Line Order Page.


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Please note this is not our list of ferns for sale, see- Plants by post, our mail order fern list.

Adiantum aeleuticum, Goosefoot Maidenhair.*(Picture)

Adiantum venustum.*(Picture)

Ceterach officinalis Syn. Asplenium ceterach, Rusty Back Fern.

Asplenium scolopendrium, Harts Tongue.*(Picture)

Asplenium scol. 'Kayes'*(Picture)

Asplenium scol. 'Ramo-Marginatum Group'

Asplenium scol. 'Semilaceratum group'

Asplenium scolopendrium 'Undulatum Group'.* (Picture)

Asplenium trichomanes, Maidenhair Spleenwort.*(Picture)

Asplenium trich. 'Grandiceps'*

Asplenium trich 'Incisium'*

Athyrium filix-femina, Lady Fern.*

Athyrium filix-femina 'Red Stemed Crested'*

Athyrium f.f. 'Caput-medusiae'

Athyrium f.f. 'Cristatum Densum Group'

Athyrium f.f. 'Fieldiae sporeling'*

Athyrium f.f. 'Frizelliae' (Pictures and More.)

Athyrium f.f. 'Frizelliae Ramosum'

Athyrium f.f. 'Grandiceps Cristatum'*

Athyrium f.f. 'Plumosum'

Athyrium f.f. 'Plumosum Axminster'.*(Picture)

Athyrium f.f. 'Vernoniae'*

Athyrium f.f. 'Victoriae'(Picture)

Athyrium nipponicum 'Pictum'/'Metalicum', Painted Lady Fern.*(Picture)

Athyrium nipponicum 'Red Beauty', Painted Lady Fern.

Athyrium otophorum 'Okanum'*(Picture)

Athyrium vidaliae

Blechnum penna-marina, Pen Of The Sea.*

Blechnum spicant, Hard Fern.*(Picture)

Blechnum spic. 'Grandiceps'

Cryptogramma crispa, Parsley Fern.*(Picture)

Cyrtomium fortuniae, Holly Fern.*

Cystopteris fragilis, Brittle Bladder Fern.*(Picture)

Dryopteris aemula.* (Picture)

Dryopteris affinis, Golden Scaled Male Fern.*

Dryopteris affinis 'Angusta Cristata'*(Picture)

Dryopteris affinis 'Crispum Stableriae'*

Dryopteris af. 'Crispa Conjesta'*

Dryopteris af. 'Cristata the King', The King OF Male Ferns.*(Picture)

Dryopteris af. 'Insubrica'*

Dryopteris af. 'Grandiceps Askew'*

Dryopteris af. 'Pinderiae'*

Dryopteris af. 'Disjuncta'

Dryopteris af. 'Polydactyla Mapelbeck'*

Dryopteris af. 'Pseudodisjuncta'*

Dryopteris af. 'Revolvens gp.' (Picture and More)

Dryopteris af. 'Robusta'*(Picture)

Dryopteris cathusiana*

Dryopteris clintoniae.*

Dryopteris cristata.*

Dryopteris cycadina*

Dryopteris dilatata, Broard Buckler Fern. (Picture and More)

Dryopteris dila. 'Crispa Whiteside' (Picture and More)

Dryopteris dila. 'Grandiceps'

Dryopteris dila. 'Lepidota Crispa Cristata'*

Dryopteris X dreweveri

Dryopteris erythrosora, Rosy Male Fern. (Picture and More)

Dryopteris filix-mas, Common Male Fern.*(Picture)

Dryopteris f.m. 'Crested Gp.'*

Dryopteris f.m. 'Fluctosa Cristata'*

Dryopteris f.m. 'Linearis Polydactila' (Picture and More.)

Dryopteris f.m. 'Barnesiae'(Picture and More.)

Dryopteris f.m. 'Crispa Cristata'*

Dryopteris f.m. 'Corymbyfera Crispa'

Dryopteris f.m. 'Grandiceps Wills'*

Dryopteris goldiana, Giant Wood Fern.*

Dryopteris marginalis

Dryopteris uniformis.*

Dryopteris wallichiana.*

Equisetum hyemale, Water Horse Tail.(Pictures and More)

Equisetum scirpoides.*

Equisetum varigata, Varigated Horse Tail.*

Gymnocarpium dryopteris, Oak Fern.*(Picture)

Gymnocarpium robertianum, Limestone Polypod.*(Picture)

Hipolepsis punctata

Matteuccia stuthiopteris, Shuttlecock Fern.(Pictures and More)

Onoclea sensibilis, Sensitive Fern.*(Picture)

Onychium japonicum.*(Picture)

Ophioglossum vulgar, Adders Tongue.(Picture)

Oreopteris limbosperma, Lemon Scented Fern.(Picture)

Osmunda cinamoea, Cinamon Fern.(Pictures and More)

Osmunda claytoniae(Picture and More)

Osmunda regalis, Royal Fern.*(Picture)

Osmunda regalis 'Purpurasens'*

Peasia scaberula

Phegopteris connectilis, Beech Fern.*

Polypodium Ag. 'Bifidum Cristatum'

Polypodium Ag. 'Elegantisimum Group'(Picture)

Polypodium cambricum 'Cambricum type'

Polypodium cambricum, 'Diadem'

Polypodium cambricum 'Pulcherrimum'

Polypodium glycyrrhiza 'Longicaudatum'

Polypodium interjectum.*

Polypodium int. 'Cornubiensis'(Picture)

Polypodium 'Kayes type 2'

Polypodium gly. 'Malahatense'*

Polypodium vulgar 'Jean Taylor'

Polypodium X mantoniae

Polystichum acrosticoides

Polystichum aculeatum, Hard Shield Fern.*

Polystichum braunii.*

Polystichum munitum, Sword Fern.*(Picture)

Polystichum polyblepharum. (Picture and More.)

Polystichum retroso-paleaceum

Polystichum setiferum, Soft Shield Fern. (Picture and More)

Polystichum setiferum 'Congestum Crispum'

Polystichum set. 'Dalhem'*

Polystichum set. 'Divisilobum'*

Polystichum set. 'Gracile Cristata'

Polystichum set. 'Grandiceps'*

Polystichum set. 'Herrenhausen'*

Polystichum set. 'Ivorianum'

Polystichum set. 'Plumoso-multilobum'

Polystichum set. 'Plumosum-Pulcherrimum'

Polystichum set. 'Wakeleyanum'*(Picture)

Stegnogramma pozoi.*

Woodsia obtusa.*

Woodwardia unigemata.*