Fern Nursery's Photo Gallery.

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The Fern Nursery is a garden in the Lincolnshire Wolds (LN8 6DH),it has been grown from an enthusiasm over the last twenty years. The present owner/manager who still runs the nursery is Neil Timm, who began his gardening life at The Isle Of Ely College, Wisbech, and has worked in a number of gardens in Lincolnshire and beyond, including over twenty years as a landscape gardener and garden designer. Visitors are welcomed. We also give talks to garden and wildlife clubs etc., since we are always willing to tell people about what we think are the most interesting of all plants. Even if you have no interest in ferns, the garden which includes water features, raised beds, flower borders, stone and rock features, and even a bowling green is we hope a major attraction. OPEN Saturdays during the summer, and charity days, see website.

The water Spout.

The rill garden.

The Sundial garden.


Not just ferns of course.

Beside the pond.

The woodland.

The Pond.

The Gazebo.

In the heart of the garden.

The Bowling Green.

Something to plant.