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The Fern Nursery now stocks a range of Tree Ferns mainly of the Dicksonia antarctica type, though we also have Cyathea types available from time to time.

Dicksonia antarctica is highly recommended as by far the best Tree fern for use in Britain as it is hardier than most types and fairly easy to grow. It is also taken, in our case, only from secondary regrowth in renewable plantation forests, and is thus a renewable resource. Having said that a it is wise to think carefully before taking on the cultivation of a Tree Fern of any sort as all involve a degree of care and responsibility, and can be killed easily by neglect.

Dicksonia antarctica

All our stock is sold as complete plants with growing fronds, we do not sell bare trunks as we think that these are a risk for the customer, and we prefer that people buying plants should be able to see that they are alive and healthily growing.

Tree Ferns are sold by the foot of trunk, and prices must be quoted per fern, please phone/email for a quote, or, better yet, visit the nursery and make your choice.


Tree Ferns involve a degree of care in their upkeep. At no time must the plant be allowed to dry out , including the trunk, and this must be wetted each time that the plant is watered, arrangements must therefore be made for watering the plants if for example you are going on holiday for more than two days in the summer. This, rather than winter cold, is possibly the main reason that people lose Tree Ferns. Also in most of mainland Britain it will be found necessary to give the plant some protection in winter, either by wrapping the trunk in insulating matter, a well tied on layer of straw matting and/or bubble wrap is recommended by many people, and protecting the crown by stuffing it with straw. Or alternatively you can take the whole plant up, and lift it into a greenhouse during the season of frosts. However in our experience a cold unheated greenhouse is all that is necessary, at least in the North of England. Note that if you bring your tree fern in for the winter you will need to continue to water it through the cold season.