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Please note that ferns are difficult to move from September to May and some will be dormant at this time, making it difficult to judge their health. We will therefore usually delay sending orders placed at this time until spring. Please keep this in mind if ordering in winter. Also plants being living things and stock sometimes selling out unexpectedly, the presence of a plant in the catalogue cannot be a complete guarantee of availability or satisfactory crop growth. We reserve the right to substitute what, in our opinion, represents suitable varieties. The placing of an order with The Fern Nursery constitutes acceptance of these conditions.Help and Advice

Terms of business

On line orders U.K. only. All payments on line are through PayPal.

If you wish to send your order by post and pay by cheque, you may see our mail order terms here. Mail Order Terms

Note: only ferns of the smallest size - generally 1 Litre pots but sometimes less- will be sent out mail order, as bare rooted plants. Generally plants will be posted on the Monday following the order to arrive on the Wednesday to Friday, but please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Ferns are offered subject to availability. If ordering more than ten of any one kind it may be advisable to check by telephone first. We can if you wish make up a collection for you to suit your needs, wetland, dry shade, chalk soil, etc.
For ready made collections click here.

Due to the fact that we do not recommend planting or moving ferns in the winter dormant season, we are not taking any more orders on this page for the next few months. It will reopen early in the new year.

However you may still read about and view photographs of many of our ferns via the links below.


(Asplenium scolopendrium)

(Asplenium. [general] )


(Athyrium [general] )


(Dryopteris affinis.)

(Dryopteris [general])

(Dryopteris filix-mas.)





(Polystichum [general])

(Polystichum setiferum.)


Help and Advice.

If you need more advice than you find on the site, on planting, growing, identifying, gardening with ferns or other related gardening matters, we are more than happy to try and help. You can simply email us at the above address, or we will accept letters, frond samples and photographs by post, at the address on the home page. (Contact Us.)