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The Cyrtomiums are large ferns related to the Polystichums, mainly from Asia both grow well in British gardens though C. fortuniae is perhaps the hardier of the two. Cyrtomium falcatum AGM (E) Japanese holly fern Hight/Spread 80cm. A simply pinnate fern, the fronds having dark near black stems and simple glossy sharply pointed pinna which earn it the 'holly' name. Grows in moist soil and shade. Really quite a striking plant but sadly not reliably hardy in every county.

C. fortunei AGM (E) Himalaya holly fern Hight/Spread 70cm or more. Dark stems and simple pinnae. Not as glossy or pretty as C. falcatum but much more hardy. It likes a humus-rich soil and shade, as in woodland conditions. There is a cultivated variety called 'Clivicola' which has wider pinna and more spreading fronds, but it is not very distinctive.